Common Yorkshire Wedding Traditions

Are you familiar with Yorkshire wedding traditions? If you don’t know much about these customs, and you’re currently planning your own wedding, you may be curious to learn more. These are some of the more common traditions that are still practised at weddings in the area today.

Opening The Lych Gate

This unusual tradition has a very long history behind it! According to tradition, a gate needs to be tied shut with a piece of ribbon. Typically, the ribbon is white. After the couple has completed their vows, they cut through the ribbon and walk through the gate together.

This tradition provides excellent photo opportunities, and it can be a lot of fun for both the couple and their guests. In many cases, the couple is showered with confetti while they cut through the ribbon and walk through the gate. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate a Yorkshire union, and it can make a wedding feel a little more special.

Enjoying A Wedding Breakfast

It’s very common for wedding guests to enjoy a filling breakfast on the day of the wedding. Known as the wedding breakfast, this breakfast tends to be very hearty. It’s a way to start off the celebration bright and early. Of course, the wedding breakfast doesn’t need to be eaten in the morning; it can be enjoyed at any time of day, even in the evening.

In some cases, the bride and groom are in attendance at the breakfast. In other cases, the wedding party does not attend the breakfast. This is a way to keep guests busy while everyone else is getting ready. Many wedding venues actually include the wedding breakfast as part of their package.

Wearing Hats

It’s rare to attend a Yorkshire wedding where guests don’t wear hats. While formal hats have begun to fall out of fashion, it’s still very common to see people wearing them at weddings. In fact, there are hat shops that specialize in offering hates for weddings.

It’s more common to see older guests wearing hats, but some younger guests will wear them as well. Hats have long been a wedding tradition. A beautiful hat can complete a wedding look.

Fruit Cake Is Served

The wedding cakes served at Yorkshire wedding usually don’t look like the cakes you might see at weddings in other parts of the world. It’s most common to serve a fruit cake.

Having fruit cake at a wedding isn’t a requirement, but it definitely is a tradition. While fruit cake is known for being hard, many of the fruit cakes you’ll see at weddings are both soft and flavorful. Enjoying a slice of this cake can be a treat. Typically, guests are presented with a slice of cake when they leave the wedding.

If you’re planning a wedding in the Yorkshire area, you should take the time to find out more about Yorkshire wedding traditions. Traditions don’t have to be a part of your wedding, but you should consider these customs when you’re deciding what you want on this special day.

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